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  The In Fuse group is a Improvisation band with musical overtones of Ephemeral Fusion and Soundscape. 
The ephemeral art term is usually used to describe a work of In Fuse art that only occurs once, 
like a happening that survives solely in documentary form,

 In Fuse music, dance and wearable art, incorporate transience in their intended purpose.  

 With Textile Art costumes by Evelyn Roth and well known dance performers such as Anna Materna and Mushimaru Fujieda,
whose performances that are bright, festive, positive, and uplifting to watch. 

 Band members and guest artists are composers of their instruments music equally and in total harmony with each other.
Current list of band member names;

Ray Fuse - vocals

Michael Blanchard - bass
Manny Allbeury - saxophone

Paul Fowles - drum set and electronic drums

Eli Wallis - bass clarinetist and lyrics

  Ray Fuse  interdisciplinary artist (wearable art costumes, lyrics, singer, dancer) combines dynamic vocal arrangements

with multiple media.  

  Michael Blanchard-  bass, string bass. (aka Foster Grant) HiFi eclectic bass, string bass, proficient plucker and tinkerer. 
A stalwart of the 1980's Montreal music scene in bands such as Terminal Sunglasses, Bubblegum Army and Megalo,
Michael moved to Vancouver in 1996 to cause havoc in the local music scene.

  Manny Allbeury is a dynamic, soulful saxophone player.
He studied under the renowned English tenor Don Rendell and continued his studies at the Barry School of Music in Wales.
He initially started playing in jazz groups then went on to Rock/Soul bands touring England, Europe, and Canada.
His inspiration comes from the extremes of Coltrane to Bobby Keys.


Paul is a Drummer/ Percussionist and Vocalist and plays in several genres.

He started playing Drums at the age of 11with the support of his family and hasn't stopped since.

He has performed live  in Toronto, Montreal, Greater Vancouver and all over Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast in everything from Private Events to large Festivals.

. Also, his artistry (being a Film/ TV and Voice Actor) lends to a certain creativity in his musical performance.

 Eli Wallis is a poet and post-bop bass clarinetist.

You can hear his work on Bandcamp ( www. )

History of Special Guest Performers and Collaborators include;

 Mori Agha has been playing drums and a few other melodic instruments for more than 40 years. He plays Iranian Tombac as his main instrument and has his own style that is based on improvised rhythm and melody. Having a sense of harmony and accompaniment helps him to create unique creative rhythms.He plays with all sort of music including Classic, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Folk, etc.

  Asad Dhaumya is a guitar, ukulele player whose interests range from world classical traditions to hip hop.

Currently he is focusing on jazz and Spanish fingerstyle playing.  He is also a poet song writer.

His musical style reflects original rhythmic melodies.

  Azul Salvaje music composer who plays electric violin and acoustic guitar has a unique folk and jazz Fusion style.
A global fusion fiddle treasure chest unlocks riches and glories that send your soul soaring on sonic wings.

  Randall G. Schmid began playing Vancouver in the independent rock scene.

 Coming to Vancouver in 1990 Randall G Schmid began playing in the independent rock scene.

As an electric guitarist he uses a large array of pedals, extended techniques to create a unique, atmospheric blend that weaves indie rock and electronic manipulation into an eclectic mix.

Randall is also in the live electro-acoustic improv group  and  

 Devinder Hundal

 Played sitar and Indian violin with the In Fuse group in live performances and recording sessions in 1998, Sutra Dreams and Ma Sarasvati.

In his 80s now, Devinder was only 9 years old when an accident occurred leaving him blind. However, this did not stop him from pursuing his passion for music. He arrived in Canada 40 years ago.

Through his 40 years of teaching music, he has taught thousands of students, many of them winning awards internationally. Devinder has also performed at the Bell Performing Arts Centre, Surrey Arts Centre, and at other Surrey events.

The Late Great, Amanda Hughes singer of soul and jazz. Amanda Hughes and Ray Fuse did duets on her last album soundtrack for the Mayan Calendars - A Day Out of Time and Remember recordings by In Fuse.


The Late Great, Stephen Wither synthesizer keyboardist and composer for In Fuse earlier recordings. Founding member and live performer

and recording artist for The In Fuse group from 1996 to 2005. 

Eli Wallis and Manny
Manny Allbuery
In Fuse group
Ray Fuse
Paul Fowles drums
Michael Blanchard
Mori Agha and Asad Dhaumya
Manny Allbeury and Michael Blanchar
Michael Blanchard and Ray Fuse
Ray Fuse
2021 Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival
Fuse Art

2021 Vancouver Outsider Arts Festival

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All Videos

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