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Ray Fuse art works  from 1969 ~  


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The National Gallery of Canada Touring Exhibition
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Intaglio print ~Ray Fuse

The Canada Council Art Bank
2279 Gladwin Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Intaglio print ~ Ray Fuse

The Vancouver Art Gallery, Library Achieves

750 Hornby St., Vancouver, B.C., Canada
DVD of Body Slam ,  edited with dance performance

by Ray Fuse and Evelyn Roth

art work installation ~ Franz West


Burnaby Art Gallery ( Permanent Archive Collection )

6344 Deer Lake Ave., Burnaby, B.C., Canada V5G 2J3

6- mixed media on paper "Salmon Mandala"

*A work of Ephemeral Art originates when an artist expresses their awareness

of some significant relationship with sometimes unseen, forces or realities.

Beyond time and space,

these art forms visualize infinity and express philosophical and spiritual insights...

Mailed in secure none breakable packaging.

(up to 30 day) FREE delivery are included in purchase price

or express delivered can be arranged directly

by calling  ( 9 - 5 pm MT )  1-604-323-2026 or email;


All paper art works are on acid free hand made printing paper.

Mixed media with Lithograph are all limited editions of 10 or less,

first edition will be sold as AP. (artist proof) or number listed.

Art Works are all original one of a kind and those oil or acrylic paintings are listed on canvas or silk.

All are sold unframed.

All images presented in this website are copyrighted by Sacred Sound Vision Ltd.

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